Happy Kids

About Us

Helping Kids To Eat.

Happy Eaters is owned by Dietitian Justine Urbahn. Justine is a very experienced dietitian who has been working in paediatrics for many years. Happy Eaters emerged after years of trying to help fussy eaters eat without any success. Justine realised that telling these families their child would ‘get over there fussiness’ or ‘take their favourite food away they will eventually eat’ was just never going to work. 


After completing the SOS Approach to Feeding and a range of other training opportunities, Justine’s eyes were opened wide to a better understanding of why fussy eaters won’t eat. With this new knowledge and understanding Justine was able to provide some much needed help to these families. 


Happy Eaters has now grown to a well established practice.  We offer Allied Health Assistance for children under Justine’s care who benefit from play therapy with food. Many of these children have ASD and eat a very limited number of foods.  Justine has experience in treating children, adolescents and adults in the management of ARFID and of course we run our Food School Program each term. Food School is a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to be together to share their experiences around food, with the primary goal being to have fun and learn about food in a small group setting.